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Creating a quality recording requires a marriage of art and science. John Pieri Recording Studio provides both of these vital ingredients.

Experience as a life long musician enables John to elicit the very best in an artist’s performance. A friendly relaxed atmosphere, in air-conditioned studios, encourages your unique virtuosity.

Artistic input, in the form of arrangements, instrumentation, harmonies, backing music are all available if required.

A great performance needs flawless technical recording.

The science of recording music has advanced enormously in recent years. John Pieri Recording Studio has the latest technology and the ultimate in digital recording software and hardware – Apple-Mac computers running E-Magic’s Logic Audio Platinum recording. Digi-Design’s Pro Tools software guarantees your performance will be captured with the highest fidelity with a knockout mix.

Commercial Voiceover Samples

Contacts: jpmusic@bigpond.net.au - Phone: (07) 5593 1990 - Mobile: 0412 756 923

The Jingle Jungle

Current research (2005) on the human brain indicates that well crafted advertising stimulates the area of the cortex that says, “I want to buy that”! Jingles are particularly potent “mental ticklers” as they lodge in the subconscious. “Oh what a feeling, Toyota” is a prime example.

The product or company with a well-written, melodious jingle is perceived as “highly positive”, and has a strategic advantage over competitors.

Business icons (cards, logos and signs) are an important part of building a brand name; jingles layer and cement the positive perceptions as they appeal to a variety of sensory modalities!

Radio, Television and Cinema Advertising are, of course, the most effective media for a jingle.
If you already use radio advertising, a jingle can exponentially increase the impact of your ad.

Using the latest computer recording technology, combined with 30 years of musical experience, a cost effective, high quality jingle can be produced in a style specifically targeted to the identified demographic for your business.

The jingle can also be used on your ‘music on hold’ telephone system, on your web site, on TV, or even on a custom made CD to give to customers to learn more about your product.

“The Jingle Jungle” is a one-stop shop: music conceived and recorded, copy written and performed by professional actors.

Both Duke Bannister and John Pieri are wizards in writing the copy and music for jingles and have aired successful jingles with significant results. Duke Bannister has been the “voice” of hundreds of radio and television ads. John Pieri is renowned for his ability to marry the music to the concept. Together, they’ll have your customers singing your tune.

No wild or domesticated animals were harmed during the writing of this “Jingle Jungle” transcript.

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